Electric Label Dispenser

Electric Label Dispenser
    Code: LD6050
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    Shipping Weight: 11.00 pounds
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    4.5" (114mm) WIDE - ELECTRIC LABEL DISPENSER "HIGH SPEED" Will dispense labels and die-cut parts Will dispense labels from .25" to 4.5" (6.4 to 114mm) in width Will dispense labels from .50" to 6" (12.7 to 152mm) in length Will accommodate core sizes from 1" (25mm) up (comes with 3" core holder) Photo Sensor Accuracy and Reliability Automatically peels paper, vinyl, acetate, polyester, foil, etc. from its liner Automatically rewinds liner scrap for a cleaner working environment Liner scrap is easily removed No tools required for adjusting to different size labels All metal construction No maintenance required Adjustable strip plate for hard-to-release labels LD6050C for clear labels High Torque Motor for large diameter label rolls Made in the U.S.A. *All 230V machines are CE approved.
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