FIMO Soft 2 oz 6 per package

FIMO Soft 2 oz  6 per package
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     FIMO┬« soft Modelling material ... easy & creative! 6 of one color per pk. Part. no. EF8020-... (color code) US (please add color code) Segmented into 8 portions Weight: 56 g 55 x 55 x 15 mm 24 brilliant colors 0-white, 10-lemon, 16-sunflower, 22-raspberry, 24-Indian Red, 26-cherry, 39-pepperment, 42-manderin, 43-pink flesh 2, 33- brilliant blue, 35-windsor blue, 37- pacific blue, 50-lime green, 53 tropical green, 56-emerald, 61-violet, 62-lavender, 63-plum, 7-caramel, 70-sahara,75, chocolate, 76-cognac, 80-dolphin grey, 9-black Suggested list $3.50 each x 6 =$21.00    Now even smoother and softer No laborious kneading Ready to use Brilliant colours Easy to blend Oven-hardening (30 minutes at 230 degrees fahrenheit/110 degrees celsius)