FIMO Effect Standard Block 10 per pack

FIMO Effect Standard Block 10 per pack
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    EBERHARD FABER FIMO® effect Modelling material Part. no. EF8020-... (color code) US 10 of one color per pack 24 different colors in different effects for special applications and techniques Easy to blend with FIMO soft and FIMO classic Segmented into 8 portions Colors: 04-nightglow, 003-stone-marble, 803-stone-granite, 052 Glitter-metallic white, 112-glitter-metallic gold, 202-glitter-metallic red, 302-glitter metallic blue, 502-glitter metallic green, 602-gltter metallic purple, 812- glitter metallic silver, 014 Transparent, 104-transparent yellow, 204- transparent red, 374 transparent blue, 404-transparent orange, 504-transparent green, 604-transparent purple. 11-metallic gold, 27-metalic copper, 81-metallic silver, 08-metallic pearl, 28 metallic ruby, 38 metallic shaphire blue, 58- metallic emerald green. Weight: 56 g (2 oz) 55 x 55 x 15 mm Suggested list $3.25 each x 10 =$32.50
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