Westcott® C-Thru® 18" Graphic Arts Ruler

Westcott® C-Thru® 18" Graphic Arts Ruler
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    Laminated, 2" x 18" ruler, with calibrations in inches, picas, and agate. Also includes proofreader symbols, printers’ rules, hairline to 12 point, ten percentage screens ranging from 10% to solid, halftone screens, 12-pitch standard and 10-pitch elite typewriter character counters, and a simplified copy casting system. White opaque plastic Laminated for durability Measurements in inches, picas, and points Rule weights ranging from hairline to 12 points Proof reader's marks Decimal and millimeter equivalents chart Halftone / color density guide Pica / inch conversion guide Zero center scale Size: 2" x 1/16" x 18-3/8"